Christians and Muslims celebrate Christmas and Mawlid together


As the end of 2015 approaches, both Muslims are celebrating “Mawlid Al-Nabwi” and Christians celebrating Christmas at the same time. It can be apparent for example in this photo from Jordan, as a Muslim religious leader offering his best wishes to a priest on the occasion of Christmas in Abdali in Amman. The photo was posted on Her Majesty Queen Rania’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Queen wrote: “This is Jordan, and, God willing, this is how it always will be #Merry #Christmas”

It was the same in many other countries, for example in Egypt, in Tahrir Square a Christmas tree with the traditional Mawlid doll decorations was a symbol of celebrations.


While in Jerusalem, someone wears a Santa Claus costume as he holds a bell and a Christmas tree during an annual Christmas tree distribution activity by the Jerusalem municipality, being part of the Christmas and MAwlid celebrations in the city.

I(Xinhua/Muammar Awad)

(Xinhua/Muammar Awad)

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