Middle East’s first Hallyu festival in Abu Dhabi

KCON 2015 in Japan. (사진=CJ E&M 제공)

KCON 2015 in Japan.
(사진=CJ E&M 제공)

According to “CJ Entertainment”, a Korean music company, their upcoming K-con festival for Korean culture “Hallyu” is going to be held on 25th March in Abu Dhabi’s “The Arena” open auditorium in UAE.

The festival will include Kpop performances and other activities that would enable fans to enjoy Korean culture and what it offers including drama, food, and cosmetics. It will also include performances by PSY who’s known for his Gangnam Style hit, BTS, and CNBLUE.

Abu Dhabi’s festival is their first event in the Middle East, as CJ entertainment already had similar festivals in the US and Japan since 2012.

Usually Korean entertainment companies don’t consider Arab countries due to a number of reasons, like lack of understanding and geographic distance. But thanks to Hallyu wave, the Korean culture spread to the Middle East and Africa ten years ago.

According to a report by Korean foundation for International exchange, Korea-related fan clubs in the Middle East and Africa are almost 73 clubs, with over 170 thousand members as of last year.

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