Georgia Approves Referendum Proposal on Same Sex Marriage


Georgia faces a new discussion over same-sex marriage.

The Central Election Commission of Georgia (CEC) has prepared a proposal about same-sex marriage in Georgia to vote in a referendum.

The first proposal drafts include several questions which cover unemployment issue, the neutral position of the country and abroad missions of Georgian army, but CEC rejected all of these subjects without same-sex marriage issue. The referendum question was assigned as Do you support or not the same-sex marriage in Georgia?, reportedly presented by seven members of the commission.

The referendum proposal is being discussed by politicians and civil society organizations. Supporters should collect 200,000 signatures until June. Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili gave a speech and he defined the case is inconvenient, Rustavi2 reports. Public meetings will be held to discuss the meaning of marriage and to underline its role between men and women in several cities of Georgia by dissents.

Tea Tsulukiani, Justice Minister of Georgia previously stated that international court can not create pressure over same-sex marriage to be legal. She said that the real meaning of the marriage should be written in the constitution, Interpressnews reported.

Georgia, as an Orthodox country in Caucasus, faces numerous challenges on gay rights and same-sex marriage issue. The big clash happened in May 2013 when a rally was held by protestors who are against the LGBT rights.

The role of Georgian Orthodox Church has been discussed because of the speeches of Ilia II, the spiritual leader of the church. He defined homosexuality as a disease while former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili was defending the rights of LGBT members. Up to thirty people were injured during the clashes between the church supporters and LGBT members. Amnesty International strongly condemned the violation.

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