Georgian Communists Gathered in Stalin’s House

NISI20091222_0002109994Georgia Communist Party members gathered near to Stalin’s house in the city of Gori.

The group meeting was held on the May 9, Victory Day.

People shared communist party symbols, pictures of Stalin and red flags to media members. Group members wanted Georgia to create good relations with Russia and to rebuild Stalin statue in the city. The group accused the media to not mention the real role of Stalin during the world war in their publications. Group members called all people to visit Stalin’s hometown.

At the same time, Georgian officials delivered a speech about Victory Day and it was celebrated in various programs. Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili said “The May 9th is the biggest victory of humanity over the evil. We, being a small nation, can proudly say that Georgia and Georgians have brought a major contribution to this victory,” Vestnik Kavkaza cited from Sputnik Georgia.

Officials hosted the war veterans after visiting the Unknown Soldier grave in Vake Park. Georgian government will provide financial assistance to the war veterans.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin also congratulated the people of Georgia and said: “”I am confident that, based on glorious traditions of friendship and mutual assistance, we will be able to strengthen the Russian-Georgian relations, to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for future generations. I send my sincere wishes of health and longevity to Georgian veterans, as well as peace and prosperity to the friendly people of Georgia,” Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

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