Russia tests new Buk-M3 air defense missile system

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Russia’s air defense system manufacturer Almaz-Antey has conducted successful testing of the newest Buk-M3 air defense missile system, Tass reports. The tests took place at the Kapustin Yar range near Astrakhan, Southern Russia, the company reported on June 24.

“In June 2016, experts of the JSC Concern Almaz-Antey test fired a missile from the Buk-M 3 new advanced medium-range air defense missile system on a ballistic target at the Kapustin Yar range,” the company press service said, adding that the Pensne (Pince-nez) target missile was used during the testing.

Almaz-Antey CEO Yan Novikov was quoted by the press service as saying that the target tracking was stable, despite the adverse weather conditions. “The launched missile hit the target as it entered the effective area,” he said.

Novikov said that the Russian military should receive the first brigade set of the new Buk system in 2016.

According to the Almaz-Antey press service, the tested missile “practically two times” surpasses in characteristics the previous models and is unrivalled among the world’s air defense missile systems of its class. “The new missile has a significantly lower weight. This has increased the missile system vehicle’s on-board ammunition capacity 1.5 times. The new system’s missiles are carried in containers and launched from them”, Almaz-Antey said.

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