Georgia tops the travel destinations for 2017 by Vogue


Georgia has been named as the best travel attraction for tourists in 2017 by The Vogue Magazine.

The magazine listed the hottest travel destinations of the New Year. The list was published under the name of “The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017”. According to the list, there are several natural and historical beauties all around the world.

Georgia keeps the first rank among ten different destinations with its various attractive places. The magazine announced Georgia’s beauties and explained why tourists should travel there:

“Georgia (the country, not the state) has gotten buzz in recent years for its surprisingly great wine scene. But a stellar bottle of vino is just one reason to visit. The capital, Tbilisi, with its young, creative class and Brooklyn-esque undertones, has emerged as a hub of cool. The super design-y Rooms Hotel should be your base for exploring the city’s exciting art, music, and food scenes.

Bassiani, a favorite local music venue, brings in the best electronic music performers from around the globe, while Fabrika, a Soviet-era sewing factory turned multiuse cultural space, highlights Tbilisi’s urban artists. Georgian food has begun to come into its own right, due to innovative restaurants like Le Montrachet, a neo-bistro run by former French Laundry alum Francesco Manalo. And thanks to a new partnership between Rooms Hotel and Kazbegi Helicopters, Georgia is primed to become a new winter playground for hard-core skiers and snowboarders looking to access untouched terrain in the Caucasus Mountains.”

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