A Successful Story of PaleTurqoise

Designer Lynjun Park

Designer Lynjun Park

Lynjun Park is a 24-year-old designer who debuted in the 2016 Seoul Fashion Week in Generation Next. His clothing brand is called PaleTurqoise and the concept theme according to the designer is very aquarium like, as well as it is an Eco Luxury brand. Jeju-born Lynjun used his home island as an inspiration for his designs. The proud Islander chose the colors of his home islands sea as well as the “Moon Pot” as a theme for his design frame. Lynjuns designs have been worn by the likes of Uhm Jung-hwa a much-respected actress/singer, as well as Shinee and Blackpink, which both are big K-pop idol groups.

“Jeju Island is known for its emerald color water so I used it as an inspiration for my brand and my up and coming designs as well”.

Over some great coffee located in Dongdaemun market, I had an exclusive interview with Lynjun Park. The designer tells us about the origin of his brand concept, his favorite things to do as well as his future plans for his future career goals.

Hello, would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Lynjun Park a 24 years old fashion designer from South Korea. I’m the founder and creator of PaleTurqoise.

Can you tell me your brands name and the concept of your brand?

Pale Turquoise is a designer brand with an eco-luxury concept and it aspires to mix technology with a sense of high fashion. Pale Turquoise is built with considerate attitude regarding environments and ecological system and this approach bring out the ultimate motif, which is ‘aquarium’ to this inspiring brand.

How did you come up with the PaleTurqoise name?

The story behind it is my hometown, Jeju Island. The Sea of Jeju Island is a natural landscape of the world and it is a very famous place to visit in Korea. You can feel and see the pale turquoise in the sea. So the fantastic and mysterious water of Jeju Island inspired me to create my designing outcomes.

Why did you choose the aquarium concept?

I wanted to have my own motive. Just like Gucci’s logo or Ralph Lauren polo player logo. On the other hand, about my logo, I thought all about the color, which is the color of Jeju Island sea. It also describes the marine life in Jeju Island.

Was being a designer a childhood dream of yours or?

When I was an elementary school student, my dream was to become a scientist. Around in middle school, my dream changed to become a designer, but not a Fashion designer just a regular designer. However it gradually it changed because I started feeling happy when I started styling myself or when I was making clothes. So in middle school, I started going to a dyeing school as well, and that’s where I started to begin to learn about textile as well as dyeing. That’s where my fashion designing began from.

“When I was a middle school student, people used to call me a green monster since I used to wear all green clothing from head to toe as well as green eye contacts”.

You call your brand Eco Luxury, why is that?

Pale Turquoise is against animal cruelty. We mainly use a unique material made out of foil that conveys the patterns of scales from sea creatures. Also, we are producing various products made out of the faux fish skin, faux crocodile leather and faux tortoise, also shell prints with textiles that we have created using a distinct processes such as laser treatments and special film coating. The shells of various sea creatures such as clam, conch, oyster, scallop, and abalone go through cleaning/craftsmanship/coloring process of the brand, transforming the general waste into beautiful up-cycled accessory items of Pale Turquoise.

Who is your role model, it can be professional or from your private life?

There is no role model. I respect all the designers who have been working on their brand for more than 20 years. However, I do have a mentor that I highly respect called Imseonoc, who is also the designer of “PARTsPARTs”.

What is your favorite thing to do or your favorite places to hang out at during your free time?

My favorite thing to do is traveling and also I love landscaping. Planting trees or planting flowers as well as visiting the aquarium or visiting the zoo is something that I love to do as well. I like to observe a different kind of animals, it gives me sometimes inspiration.

What’s the hardest thing in designing?

During the early stages of creating my business, there were financial difficulties, which I overcame later in the process of building my brand.

I need to develop new materials that are different from other brands and should employ a good model list to make fashionable clothes. Currently, we are striving to extract the maximum design with minimal funding. When I get a sufficient amount of investments in the near future, I would be able to show more of a variety and more amazing designs in the future.

How would you describe your own usual style?

Usually I like to wear a suit without any shirt underneath it. I also like to wear jogging pants, that are tight in my ankle as well as for shoes I wear sneakers.

What are your goals for PaleTurqoise in the future?

I’d like my brand to grow and it to be considered as art and a brand that has a bunch of commercial contacts. Also creating clothes that the public would want to wear, so basically wearable clothing. And finally to be an inspirational brand for artists.

PaleTurqoise is definitely a rising brand in the fashion industry here in Korea. Lynjun is a very inspirational and creative individual, who is taking the fashion scene by the storm. Look out for upcoming shows as well as designs from Lynjun. Follow his social media for more updates on him as well as his designs @lynjunpak and @ptqs!

Down below you will see my favorite looks from PaleTurqoises latest fashion, which showcase his concept and designs.

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