Inauguration of Gangwon Film Commission

kakaotalk_20170316_160936053The inaugural ceremony of the Gangwon Film Commission was held on Thursday, March 16th. Gangwon province was last of 11 South Korean regions to organize and network a film association. Actress and director, Bang Eun-jin, who directed pieces such as <Princess Aurora 오로라 공주> and <Going Home 집으로 가는길> was appointed head of the Gangwon film commission with 10 committee members under her.

kakaotalk_20170316_161039808Members of the committee are as follows: Kim Jong-ha (professor of media contents division at Halla University), Lee An-na (film producer), Park Gwang-hyun (film director), Jeon Chan-il (film critic), Park bong-won (researcher), Jung Sang-min (film producer), Seo Jung-su (professor of film contents and Hanrim Sungsim University), Cho Chang-ho (film director), Shin Hyun-sang (head of media foundation), Choi Gwang-hee (film critic).

The Gangwon Film Commission will strive to support the development of a diverse and abundant archive of films both domestically and internationally. At the same time, it will also promote the region of Gangwon as another foundation for artistic productions.

Seo Eui-mi, Reporter for The AsiaN



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