Jane Goodall and Choi Jae-chun: words for the next generation on Humanity and Nature


World-renowned environmentalist and chimpanzee scholar Jane Goodall along with her academic pupil Choi Jae-chun (Chair professor at Ewha Women’s University) will hold a special Eco-talk (hosted by announcer Jin Yang-hye) on the 10th at 3 pm, at Yeouido (Seoul) National Assembly Conference Room.

The event is jointly hosted by the Asia Journalist Association (AJA; Chief Director Kim Hak-jun, President Ashraf Dali) and Jeon Hye-sook member of the National Assembly. Goodall and Choi will discuss with one another their opinions under the overarching questions: “What is Nature to us?” and “Many children have joined us; what do children mean to you? If you could go back to your younger days, how would you live? What do you want to do?”

On his thoughts of the talk, AJA President Ashraf Dali has said, “I am delighted that two great academic scholars with the fond relationship of teacher and pupil will be gathered at a site that symbolizes the will of the Korean people,” adding “I hope that as their talk is spread through the media and online sources, practical solutions to worldwide dilemmas such as global warming and environmental destruction will be found for the benefit of all.”

On this day, among around 500 participants, those in attendance include young students interested in learning about the ecosystem, environmental specialists, Chief Director of KBS Lee In-ho, artist Lee Jong-sang, and voice actor Bae Han-sung. The event will be broadcasted to the public through outlets such as TV Chosun, National Assembly TV, and SBS Facebook Live. Acting President of AJA, Eddy Suprapto (Indonesia), Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Park Ju-seong, assembly member Jeon Hye-sook, and assembly member Shin Kyung-min will be giving their welcoming and congratulatory speeches respectively.

Born in 1934, Jane Goodall received her doctorate degree from Cambridge University in Animal Behavior to contribute enormously to environmental research. In 1995, Goodall was given the title Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (DBE) by the Queen of England. In 2002, she was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal, and in 2004, the World Wildlife Fund Lifetime Achievement award. Her pupil, Choi Jae-chun, is likewise a highly revered ecologist in Korea serving as the first and successive Director of the National Ecology Institute. Choi is also known for being an expert columnist on environmental and ecological topics.

Jane Goodall has come to Korea to receive the 2017 Manhae Grand Prize for the practical component. Throughout her time in Korea she will also take part in other related events such as the talkshow, “Nature: A Diverse Field for Self-Realization,” and the summer open broadcasting of “Roots and Shoots With Jane Goodall”.

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