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AJA, Welcomes the Resigning Yemeni President

Asia Journalist Association(AJA) welcomes the resigning Yemeni president Asia Journalist Association (President Ivan Lim) announced a statement to welcome the resignation of the Yemeni President after 33 years in power. The Association said, “We expect the flames of democratization first started in Tunisia and then moved to Egypt, Libya and even Yemen will only grow […]

Ela Bhatt Selected for 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize

 Well-known social activist Ela Bhatt has been selected for the prestigious Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development 2011 for her lifetime achievements in empowering women through grassroots entrepreneurship.     She was selected for the award constituted by Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust by an international jury headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Announcing the award, Trust Secretary […]

Portrait of Liu Shaoqi in Beijing

Portrait of Liu Shaoqi in Beijing

  Liu Shaoqi, China’s head of state who died on 12 November 1969 in the middle of the Cultural Revolution(right). Portraits of Mao Zedong(centre) and Zhou Enlai(left) seen through the shop window at the Wangfujing Street. <Lee Ha-ryoung/The AsiaN aja_smile@asia-n.asia> The portrait of Chinese Communist Party’s Liu Shaoqi (1989~1969), China’s former head of state who […]

AsiaN goes with ‘straight red pine tree’ spirit

AsiaN goes with ‘straight red pine tree’ spirit

Dear Reader, Here is a baby red pine tree that totally looks the part of a pine forest. Kim In-Seok, staff writer of the Seoul Newspaper and also a member of the Asia Journalist Association Steering Committee got some seeds at ‘The Pine Tree Planting Campaign’ conducted by Munhwailbo in last April. He raised it […]


PRIVACY POLICY   AJA Media and Culture Corporation. (the “Company”), which owns and operates the website www. asia-n.asia (the “Site”), takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy is intended to inform you about the information that is collected from you when you visit the Site; how this information may be used and disclosed; how […]

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Welcome to TheAsiaN, a news service by AJA Media and Culture Corporation. Please read these Terms and Conditions before using, or submitting content in any form or medium for publication on, TheAsiaN. By continuing to use us, or by submitting content for publication on TheAsiaN, you agree to abide, and that you […]

Contact Us

Contact Us

AJA Media & Culture Corporation. WEB : http://www.theasian.asia PHONE : (Online) +82-2-712-4111 E-MAIL : news@theasian.asia MAILING ADDRESS: AJA Media & Culture Corporation. #207, 33-90 Myeongnyun-dong 1-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-521, Republic of Korea

Ad With Us

Ad with The AsiaN The AsiaN covers news stories and addresses issues that matter in Asia from entirely Asian perspectives and will strive to fulfill our professional and ethical responsibilities in providing readers with the highest quality news content and in promoting such core values as humanism, justice and mutual prosperity throughout the region. You will be […]


About AsiaN will have four regional news categories, corresponding to the four major regions in Asia – Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central and South Asia and the Middle East. will also have the following topical subcategories: Politics/Societies, Biz/Finance, IT/Technology, Culture/Sport, Religion and Lifestyle.   Vision / Mission Statements Diversity in Views AsiaN will respect and […]

South Korea, Saudi Arabia need to be open-minded: Chung Un-chan

<The AsiaN Video for India> South Korea, Saudi Arabia need to be open-minded: Chung Un-chan

Former PM of South Korea Chung Un-chan delivered a speech on 6th GCF (Global Competitiveness Forum) organized by SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) exhorting both countries to be more open . He said that for entrepreneurs to emerge, the mindset of the society has to be open enough to accept new ideas. He said […]

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