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[Nuclear Symposium] Energy, That Sacred Fire

Usually when religious men and any philoshoper would start their preach with “Human is distinguished from the other creature with his brain”, it’s simple and somehow true. It suits the way simple people think to really make the main rules that govern their life understandable. On the other side when the same speech starts to […]

[Nuclear Symposium] The Fear of Nuclear Power

It’s hard for me to say a definite opinion about using nuclear power in the middle east. Especially since most of them have plenty of sources like “Oil water, natural gas”, but Jordan suffers from lack of these resources. This lack in sources of nature, comes with the pettiness of Uranium, that’s why some people […]

[Nuclear Symposium] The dilemma of Nuclear power

Nuclear power and its usage have been a never-ending dilemma since its beginnings. Nuclear power is the usage of nuclear fission to produce electricity, power, and mass-destruction weapons. As you can see it can be used in utmost good or complete evil, it’s as they say “a double-edged weapon”, something Albert Einstein would never have […]

[Nuclear Symposium] The Future of Nuclear Energy in Middle East

On June 27, 1954, the USSR’s Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant became the world’s first nuclear power plant to generate electricity for a power grid, and produced around 5 megawatts of electric power. 2 years later the world witnessed the first large-scale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England. Since then, there has […]

[Nuclear Symposium] The peaceful use of nuclear energy

Since his existence, the human being is always searching for the means to improve his subsistence and to ensure his survival and cope with nature. Among the important discoveries reached by the human mind and modern science, is the discovery of nuclear energy, as an essential need, which has opened wide to the world the […]

[Indonesia Report] President SBY visits London despite arrest threat

[Indonesia Report] President SBY visits London despite arrest threat

Despite of the threat from West Papua Independent organization’s leader Benny Wenda’s call for civil arrest of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono upon his arrival in London, SBY left Indonesia Tuesday for London (October 30) to answer the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II. According to Vivanews report, SBY is visiting Britain along with the first lady and their two […]

[Nuclear Symposium] No safe guaranteed in using nuclear power no matter how peaceful it may be

At the time the Gulf States were racing to get the Western satisfaction on using the nuclear power in peaceful ways, and make use of the stack of oil wealth in running the European and American economy, the disaster of Japan came as a bomb blowing away the Gulf ambitions and the western desires. Some […]

A foreigner’s guide to travel effectively around Korea

Korea’s public transportation system is a dream come true with everything reasonably priced while taking you around the country easily without having to worry about driving. Getting around Korea is relatively easy and inexpensive. You have a choice of travel either by bus, train, or subway. If you opt for the bus, bear in mind […]

How to use nuke energy safely – for more secure world

How to use nuke energy safely – for more secure world

1. Efforts for nuke weapon 2012 Nuclear Security Summit 1) The 2nd NSS was held in Seoul 26~27, Mar. 2) 58 summits adopted ‘Seoul Commuinique’ -eliminate or reduce HEU by the end of 2013. 3) Further progress compared to Washington Summit. 4) Nuclear security is one of the most important and sensitive topics after the collapse of […]

North Korean nuclear program: what can and what cannot to be done about it

North Korean nuclear program: what can and what cannot to be done about it. Back in the 1990s, a recently appointed Vietnamese ambassador to the United States jokingly remarked that one of his major tasks would be persuade Americans that “Vietnam is the name of a country, not a war”. It would be just a […]

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