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Salvage work considered cautiously

Some relatives of the missing and government officials were cautiously weighing the potential start of work to raise the sunken ferry Sewol as rescue operations entered a seventh day to no avail, Tuesday. While the families demand prioritizing rescue operations over salvaging the ship, there are also growing concerns that a further delay in lifting […]

Inspectors, operators thrive on dirty ties

Investigations into the sunken ferry Sewol are revealing the extent of cronyism among ship owners and safety inspectors. Allegations of this culture in play is behind a lax safety check of the Sewol ferry which went to sea on the evening of April 15 without important safety standards in place, said investigators. Also, inspectors at […]

More questions arise for cause

Questions about the cause of the ferry Sewol’s sinking have been raised because its location tracking records show that the vessel did not make a sharp turn before beginning to list. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries has so far suspected that the vessel lost stability and sank because the cargo on the ferry shifted […]

`Koreans should adhere more to rules to avoid second Sewol’

Expatriates offered some tough advice for Koreans following the sinking of the ferry Sewol. “I’m saddened by the loss of life from the ferry accident. I believe it stemmed largely from the weakness of safety rules, standards, safety training and the like,” said Joel Levin, an American living in Seoul. “I see mothers riding in […]

Ferry captain may be charged with homicide

The prosecution said Tuesday it is considering filing negligent homicide charges against Captain Lee Joon-seok and two other crewmembers of the sunken ferry Sewol. The captain, a third mate and helmsman were arrested last week, accused of negligence of duty and violation of the Maritime Law. They were among the first to be rescued, failing […]

Samsung opens ‘innovation museum’

SUWON ― Samsung Electronics said Monday that it will open the Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM) at its headquarters in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, on Thursday. The company said that the opening of the museum, the first of its kind in the industry, symbolizes the company’s tireless commitment to innovation. “The history of the electronics industry is […]

KT to reduct workforce by 25%

KT said Monday that it will cut its total workforce by up to 25 percent. The massive lay-offs are expected to save at least 700 billion won in annual expenses. “A total of 8,320 KT employees applied for the voluntary retirement program. We will terminate contracts with those employees before April 30,” said KT in […]

One name, three stars

‘Soo-hyun’ increases hallyu craze In Korea, “Soo-hyun” is a common name like John or William in the U.S. and U.K. Three figures sharing the very ordinary name are now playing a crucial role in lifting Korean entertainers’ international profile to an extraordinary level. They are actor Kim Soo-hyun, actress Kim Soo-hyun and screenwriter Kim Soo-hyun. […]

Sunken ship’s captain avoids murder charges

The captain of the sunken ferry Sewol will unlikely face prosecution for a murder charge, Financial News said Sunday, citing judicial experts. The report quoted prosecutors and lawyers as saying the captain Lee Joon-seok, 69, who ditched the sinking ferry leaving behind passengers, will certainly receive heavy doses of penalty. But they pointed out his […]

‘Golden-hour’ indecision doomed passengers

The transcript of radio communications between the sunken ferry Sewol and a maritime operator on Jindo Island shows how crewmembers on the ill-fated ship wasted the critical early phase of the disaster, known to rescue personnel as the “golden hour.” According to the transcript, released Sunday, the crewmembers apparently gathered at the bridge, instead of […]

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