Al Bader Award for love of Prophet Mohammed third edition launched

Haji Noor Deen highlights Sini script in his conversation with Sheikh Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Fujairah at Al Bader festival (WAM)

China’s Haji Noor Deen highlights Sini script in his conversation with Sheikh Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Fujairah, at Al Bader festival (WAM)

FUJAIRAH:  The office of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, has announced the launch of the third edition of Al Bader Award.

The initiative is part of Al Bader Initiative dedicated to celebrating the love for Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and aiming to foster affection for him and highlight his exemplary life filled with teachings and wisdom.

The initiative seeks to share the noble Sunnah (Sayings and deeds) of the Prophet and promote its tolerant teachings among the wider society, especially the youth and children.

The award features local and international categories.

The local award is for student groups A (6-10 years), B (11-17 years), and Youth (18-30 years). Poetry and multimedia categories are open only for the Youth category. Registration for the international award is open to all ages and nationalities.

Since its first edition, Al Bader Award has been a platform dedicated to celebrating noble prophetic values, promoting Islamic principles, and inspiring talented individuals worldwide.

The award encourages participation in five distinct creative categories: ‘Poetry’ for expressing admiration and devotion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH); ‘Arabic Calligraphy’; ‘Painting’ to depict his biography and achievements; ‘Multimedia’ which encompasses media and cinematic creations like short films and animations highlighting the Prophet’s life, and a new addition to this year’s edition, the ‘Miniature Art’ category, offering a unique perspective on the subject. The award administration, supported by the Crown Prince of Fujairah, welcomes all submissions ahead of the deadline on 15 October.

This is to provide a platform for showcasing creative talents and allowing them to receive recognition and guidance from experts and specialists.

Al Bader Award has seen impressive success since its launch, emerging as the leading Arab cultural initiative in the UAE that upholds the values of the Prophet’s outstanding biography.

Winning and finalist entries will be showcased in the prestigious ‘Al Bader Exhibition’ during Al Bader Festival in December 2024, with participants receiving certificates of appreciation from the award administration.

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