AJA statement following death of Iran’s president


SEOUL: The death of the president of any country is an exceptional event, especially if that departure occurred during a plane crash, as was confirmed with the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

The Asia Journalist Association(AJA) does not view the departure of the Iranian leader from the point of view of Iranian society, whose reactions were divided between the sadness that spread on the faces of thousands of people gathered at his funeral, and the joy that made a section of that society see in the crash of the late president’s plane as retaliation for his role in the purging of thousands of opponents, which was evident in comments that flooded social media, and the fireworks they launched here and there.

Also, from our journalistic position, we do not pay attention to the conspiracy theories that take us away from what is most important: The future of the hot region in the continent of Asia after the sudden departure of the head of a country whose relations with its neighbors were mired in a lot of controversy.

The Asia Journalist Association (AJA) calls on all parties to work together for a more peaceful and safer future for all Iranian citizens and their neighbors, and believes that the language of rational dialogue will prevail in the end, because it is the language of life.

The fire of battles must be extinguished and the language of war must be extinguished with it. Within AJA, we will do our best to expel the language of war and fire for the sake of peace and security in Asia and the world.

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