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Smartphones able to detect forged documents

The National Forensic Service has developed technology through which smartphones can quickly detect forged documents. The state-run forensic agency said Thursday it has made a patent application for the technique. It consists of a two part process, based on steganography, which is the science of hiding information by embedding messages within media. A visible QR […]

Today’s polls to serve as confidence vote on Park

Today’s polls to serve as confidence vote on Park

President Park Geun-hye and the tragic April 16 Sewol disaster will mostly likely affect the result of the June 4 local elections. In the wake of the ferry sinking that left more than 300 people dead or missing, the elections are regarded as a mid-term test for the sitting government amid a lingering public outcry […]

Gyeonggi, Incheon will see fierce battle

Gyeonggi, Incheon will see fierce battle

Nation to vote in local elections today Gyeonggi Province and Incheon have emerged as the hottest battlefields between the ruling Saenuri Party and main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD) in the local elections being held today, according to experts Tuesday. They also said Busan and Gwangju are also decisive areas for the two […]

HarryBigButton ready to unleash K-rock

Hongdae band eyes Western rock market Lee Sung-soo roars through the lyrics with his deep voice and stomps on the stage, his shaggy hair flies rhythmically to the powerful guitar sound. As the performance heats up, his hair clings to his sweaty face and the audience of some 300 as go wild as the band, […]

Park to stick to current Cabinet for June polls

President Park Geun-hye is expected to engage in a large-scale reshuffle of her administration in the wake of the government’s ham-fisted responses to the Sewol tragedy. However, most observers say that the shake-up will take place either after the June 4 local elections or just before them to help the governing Saenuri Party. Park is […]

Why Korean firms don’t build ferries

After the tragic sinking of the ferry Sewol, many are wondering why Korea, which has some of the world’s leading shipbuilders, is importing decades-old ferries from Japan and other countries. According to shipbuilders, they aren’t making ferries, not because they do not have the capability but because doing so is not profitable. For example, until […]

HiteJinro to open beer plant in Vietnam

HiteJinro is looking to build a beer plant in either Vietnam or the Dominican Republic to seek more resilient growth, a company executive said in a recent interview. “If we decide to build a plant outside Korea, it will be in Vietnam. The Dominican Republic could be another option depending on demand,” Lim Kyu-hun, director […]

15 may face homicide charges

The prosecution said Monday that it is considering filing negligent homicide charges against 15 crewmembers of the Sewol who escaped the sinking ferry without evacuating passengers. This is the first time that prosecutors have hinted that all the sailors who were working on the ill-fated ship may be subject to negligent homicide charges, which comes […]


Captain in underwear captured jumping ship ahead of passengers Captain Lee Joon-seok of the sunken ferry Sewol was seen sliding out of the ferry Sewol to be rescued ahead of other passengers in video clips released Monday by the Coast Guard. By the time a rescue boat reached the front side of the ferry, the […]

K-literature reaches more readers

Following international exposure at the London Book Fair on April 8-10, worldwide interest in Korean literature is gaining momentum. A slew of translated versions of Korean novels and poems have been published in various countries from the United States to Singapore in an effort to attract a broader readership. Supported by the Daesan Foundation, poet […]

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