No. 52 – 23 January 2013

Dear friend

The AsiaN is in the midst of researching and discussing major topics to be dealt with during this year. For example, we are seeking how to address and propose solutions to issues such as women’s and children’s rights, labor and management conflict, etc.

We are also pondering ways to promote the better understanding of our neighboring countries. What if everyone hung up a map of the world and Asia in their homes and each day traveled to the different countries in their minds?

We need your advice. What do you think are important issues that should be covered by The AsiaN this year? What are some campaign ideas?

The AsiaN understands that quality articles that can change the world come from information and ideas of our readers. Therefore, we ask for your ideas.

I am confident that articles arising from our reader’s ideas will be more vivid and insightful.

Thank you.

January 23, 2013

Lee Sang-ki, CEO & Publisher of the AsiaN

AsiaNWednesday 23 January 2013

No. 52

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Local people in eastern Nepal take initiative to preserve red pandas
Local people in eastern Nepal take initiative to preserve red pandas
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