Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2017 FW Day 3, 4&5

Seoul Fashion Week 2017 F/W collections have drawn to its close already; however, let’s take a look at some of my best collections from the last three days of SFW. If you haven’t read my two articles in regarding to this season, take a look at these links below:

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Seoul Fashion Week 2017: “Favorite Streetstyle Looks”

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Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2017 F/W


D.Gnak’ designer, Kang Fong Jun, pulled all the stops for its winter collection, bringing the modern city-man look with the color combination of black and grey. On the runway, the models came out with hair that looked like it was frozen as well as having white contact lenses, which brought an icy look to the show.

The runway began with a slow track and in the middle changed into more of an up-tempo beat, which brought a more dramatic vibe. The collection included uneven and minimalistic cuts, with variations of a dark color palette. The collection had sharp looks as well as casual street-wear looks.

Take a look at my favorite styles from the Dgnak collection below.


One of my most anticipated shows was the ones from Metrocity’s 2017 F / W collection with the concept of “Dream Like Dream”. The concept definitely lived up to its name, since the collection was, indeed, dream-like. The show opened up with a child model walking down a dream, featuring clouds and otherworldly recitations of literature I couldn’t quite make out. The clothes themselves were eclectic, youthful, and fun. However, Rosie Huntington Whitely, the face of Metrocity, almost stole the show with her appearance on the front row. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attends the photo call for the ‘Metrocity’ –/ Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2017 at DDP on March 30, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.

Take a look at my favorite looks from Metrocity’s collection below.


Munsookwon came through with its Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2017 collection titled “Running around time”. The runway was decorated with red and yellow traffic signs, which with the music created a fun historical approach.

The collection showcased Amish looks combined with dull brown, navy, beige, and red shades and traditional Amish checkered patterns. The collection also included athleisure wear such as the velvet sweat pants and hoodies, leopard prints as well as the infamous oversized sleeves hats, scarfs and capes as well as Amish beard-like facemasks.

Take a look at my favorite looks from Munsookwon’s collection below.


Designer Han-Hui Kye’s collection definitely brought a fun and bold atmosphere to show, which placed it in my Seoul fashion week’s favorite top 5 list. The collection starred the famous model and K-fashion icon, Irene Kim, who had a lot of people in awe with her presence in the show.

This collection included the classic red color that is the usual trademark of KYE’s collection, as well as from leopard prints to captivating sparkling details, you could see the furry highlights in the hats and shoes and velour pieces. The runway presented mostly streetwear influenced looks, overcoats, hoodies, turtlenecks, dresses, and many more designs.

Take a look at my favorite looks from KYE’s collection below.

Vlades (Mooyoul)

Vlades was also one of the shows I had looked forward to the most in the Seoul fashion week 2017 F / W collection. Needless to say, designer MOO-YEOL CHOI did not disappoint me with his designs. Personally, I would wear everything that was displayed on this particular runway.

Vlades continued from its last season’s gothic/rock street style into this season. Also keeping with the usual color palette of black, red, and white, this season, the collection included blue and green. The collection is very “in” for all the street style lovers since it included, bucket hats, hoodies, bandana prints, bomber jackets, and faux fur to add a bit of dramatic flair into the collection.

Take a look at my favorite looks from Vlades collection below.


R.Shemiste pulled all the stops with its Seoulfashionweek 2017 F/W collection. Designers Jiyeun Won and Jooho Leec catered to gender equality, with its opening video as well as the runway collection. Before the models hit the runway, the show opened with a video that showed a protest that was happening in Russia. The video showed some rainbow flags that indicated that the people who were protesting were for the LGBTQ rights, which was and still is not being accepted by both societies.

Much of the collection included unisex pieces with outfits that were mixed with youth, edgy and sporty elements. The collection emphasized the oversized concept as well as over-the-shoulder looks which seem to be trends here in Korea. The collection contained details like track pants, oversized blouses, asymmetrical jackets, denim, oversized safety pins, high-heel boots and slippers that looked as if they were wrapped in tape that included the R.Shemiste logo. The color palette ranged from black, grey, red, and to brown, but striped patterns were also a big part of the collection.

Check out my favorite looks from R.Shemiste 2017 F/W collection down below.

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