Seoul Fashion Week 2017: “Favorite Streetstyle Looks”

Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Blogger Hyo Jin”

Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Blogger Hyo Jin”

Seoul fashion week (SFW) came and went, but we saw some unforgettable looks that graced us during the fashion week event. Fashion Weeks around the world allow us to see the latest collections of big-name brands and fashion designers through runway shows. However, besides the runway and all the designers and guests (celebrities, media, and buyers), another important element of Fashion Week is the street style.

What makes Seoul Street style so different? For starters, Seoul’s street style is one of our favorites. It is on the streets here where trends become the new craze before they’ve become popular amongst the public. Trendsetters in Seoul are very experimental with their look and style; boldly trying out different colors, bold accessories all for a fresh look. They are effortless in layering combinations, reminding us that personal fashion is still very much alive in this country. This season, we saw some very different styles on the streets, including many over-the-shoulder looks, fishnets, check patterns, DIY jeans, layered shirts, punk accessories, statement-black outerwear, as well as some handmade fashion outfits. Seoul street style flexed its fashion credentials with total conviction this past week.

Here are one of our favorite looks from SFW standout personal style that caught the attention of our photographers, Jaeuk Choi and Ara Choi. Check out their social media pages as well as their blogs for more pictures @casserlabaraque (, and @amaze_photo_ (


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Daniel Oh (Model)”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “PaleTurqoise model”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Bajowoo: 99%is designer”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Buyer from HongKong”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Model Do Kyung Hwang”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Model Su Jung Yoon”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Younzi (Blogger) and Sio (Model)”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Seung Jae Han (Model and Tattooist)”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Designer Bajowoos team”


Photo by Jaeuk Choi: “Young Hoon Cho (Model)”


Photo by Choi Ara


Photo by Choi Ara


Photo by Choi Ara


Photo by Choi Ara


Photo by Choi Ara


-Amiira Ismail, reporter for The AsiaN

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  1. KenseyJean 13 June , 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Love it~~ Nice shots and take on fashion week :D!

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