GCS Korea holds 37th GCS Korea Leadership Workshop in Daejeon



By Seok-jae Kang
Vice President, Asia Journalists Association

DAEJEON: The GCS International Korea Chapter held its 37th GCS Korea Leadership Workshop at the KT Human Resource Development in Daejeon on April 19 and 20, 2024.

The two-day workshop, the first in-person gathering in five years mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, drew about 150 GCS leaders across the nation.


Among the VIPs attending the workshop were Dr. Chungwon Choue, president of GCS International and World Taekwondo; Prof. Suh Joo-hwan, president of GCS Korea; Huh Jong, the immediate past president of GCS Korea; Shin Dae-soon and Sohn Yong-woo, both members of the GCS Korea board of directors; Lee Won-jong, secretary general of GCS Korea; and Seok-jae Kang, secretary general of GCS International.

Presided over by GCS Korea Secretary General Lee, the workshop started with the opening announcement and GCS Bell ringing by GCS Korea President Suh, followed by a GCS Charter recitation, a GCS membership oath and the GCS Samjeong Meditation.


The participants watched an updated promotional video of the GCS Movement, followed by the introduction of VIPs.

GCS Korea President Suh made a welcome speech, while GCS International President Choue delivered his congratulatory speech.

In his welcome speech, Prof. Suh said, “For GCS Korea, the year 2024 is a restarting year and will strive to increase the number of our membership and encourage our GCS Korea clubs to ink a sisterhood relationship with GCS International chapters and clubs.”

GCS International President Choue said in his congratulatory remarks that “GCS International has expanded its global membership about 90 in close cooperation with global taekwondo communities. This is marks the 45th anniversary of GCS International’s founding. We have decided to hold the 2024 GCS International Convention in Kathmandu, Nepal on November 6-12 and ask for GCS Korea leaders’ active participation in the annual gathering.”


Chun Byung-kwyan, an honorary professor of Kyung Hee University, made a special lecture on “the GCS leadership and the GCS Movement,” followed by GCS Korea Director Shin Dae-soon’s theoretical education on the importance of the GCS Samjeong (Three Rights) Meditation and health, both presentations drawing a big applause from the attendees.

Representatives of three GCS Korea clubs made presentations of their respective GCS activities over the past year, while GCS International Secretary General Kang made a presentation on GCS International activities together with an updated promotional video.


During a dinner time, a six-member band group, all students of the Kyung Hee University Post Modern Music Department, entertained the participants.

GCS Korea announced that a small-sized concert will be held at the GCS Memorial Hall in Sambong-ri, Namyangju City outside Seoul on May 26 this year, where GCS Korea leaders will be invited. GCS Korea plans to make it an annual event to visit the GCS Memorial Hall and hold a meeting.

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