China is confident to contain COVID-19 by end of April: Expert

 Zhong Nanshan (Xinhua)

Zhong Nanshan (Xinhua)

Guangzhou: Chinese top respiratory specialist Zhong made the remarks at a press briefing jointly held by the Guangzhou government and Guangzhou Medical University.

But Zhong pointed out the development of new drugs against COVID-19 is impossible to complete in 20 days or even a month, which requires long-term accumulation.

According to Zhong, one COVID-19 patient can infect an average of two to three people, making it more severe than SARS. However, he said that ideally, cured COVID-19 patients are unlikely to be reinfected, referring to the news that 13 recovered and discharged patients from Guangzhou tested positive again in checkups recently.

“Treatment first, research second,” said Zhong, noting that new drugs will be first carefully tested in a controlled trial before they are used on patients.

Zhong also disclosed that he will share China’s experience with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) this weekend through livestreaming.

Further international cooperation is needed, including setting up a long-term mechanism, said the Chinese respiratory specialist.

SourceGlobal Times  

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