Kyrgyzstan cancels parliamentary election results; president calls for calm

Kyrgyzstan cancels parliament polls results (Kabar)

Kyrgyzstan cancels parliament polls results (Kabar)

BISHKEK: The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kyrgyzstan has declared invalid the voting results in the parliamentary elections held on Monday, Kabar news agency reported, quoting the press service of the CEC of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In total, 16 political parties took part in the elections held every five years for the 120 seats.

Kabar said that CEC data showed four parties were leading. The losing parties organized protests demanding to annul the results of the elections.

President Sooronbay Jeenbekov (Kabar)

President Sooronbay Jeenbekov (Kabar)

President Sooronbay Jeenbekov said that political forces had tried to seize state power illegally.

“Using the election results as a pretext, they violated public order,” he said in a statement carried by Kabar.

“They disrupted the peaceful life of the townspeople. They disobeyed law enforcement officers, beat doctors and damaged buildings,” he said.

The Kyrgyz President said he ordered the law enforcement agencies not to open fire or spill blood in order “not to endanger the life of a single citizen.”

“So far, we have taken all possible measures to prevent an aggravation of the situation,” he said.

Jeenbekov said that the calmness in the state, stability of society are more valuable than any deputy mandate.

“I suggested that the Central Election Commission carefully investigate the violations and, if necessary, annul the election results,” he said urging the leaders of political parties to calm their supporters and move them away from their places of gatherings.

“The peace of our country and the security of our society are the most important things. I call on all forces to put the fate of the country above political ambitions and return to the legal field,” Jeenbekov said.

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