COVID-19: a lingering gigantic challenge – Part 1/3

COVID-19 remains a gigantic challenge to the world )Euro

COVID-19 remains a gigantic challenge to the world (Enda-Europe)

By Dr. Hassan Humeida
Port of Kiel, Germany

BERLIN: A new year has come, and the coronavirus is still spreading strongly all over the world. A virus that does not differentiate between civilized and primitive nations. Every country has it, whether rich or poor. The virus that spread across the globe is forcing people to hold their breath and countries to wait for the moment of salvation.

This spread is happening is despite the huge preventive efforts made by the largest and greatest countries and by the international organizations concerned with public health and human life. All efforts have not yet come with the result that people are eagerly waiting for. The interest in this regard to “defeat the deadly infection, or to eliminate this forever”.

So far, this virus has cost an enormous number of lives. That is after coronavirus hit hard all countries without exception. The virus attacks human beings in their own backyards, at their places of work, in their travels and journeys, in their homelands and abroad. The unexpected infection, the sudden symptoms and the dreaded death.

The virus no longer leaves room for normal life and it no longer provides space for reflection. The virus, which suddenly attacks its prey, infects it and discourages it, pushing it to surrender. The virus, which on its way, attacks the immune system, weakens and exhausts it, and occupies its protection centers. It is not only endangering patients, but also threatening teams.

This virus has cost until the present date hundreds of thousands of lives and destroyed the order of life. Here in a simplified picture for this: the high price a person pays for disrupting the way of life. This is due to the closure of offices, institutions, markets, schools, universities, etc. The virus attacks lead to a sick feeling of deep stillness or complete cessation of human life.

The virus has also cost and claimed the lives of many people. First of all, men and women who are older, men and women with chronc diesease and people in their middle age.

The bitter taste comes rather from the loss of a relative or friend, who is dying alone of the virus without being able to reach loved relatives or close friends. There is no contact, no exchange of a glance mo hugs, no holding of hands.

Many healthworkers worldwide have dedicated their lives with generosity and self-denial of the virus. Medical staff who care for their suffering patients. Their first and last goal is to ease the pain of patients and to speed up their recovery. But these meidcal workers do not know that they too are being secretly abused, and they die slowly during intensive care.

The virus continues to exert its power strongly over the countries. These countries are still waiting for a moment of solution. The wait has been long, but there is a glimmer of hope, thanks to the fever of scientific research that has gripped virologists worldwide. This research fever is the hope, which may have come soon with the right solution, has emerged as a sign of the development of effective vaccination and protective medication for all people.

Virologists may also be able, in record time compared to what studies of vaccine and drug development usually require, to have an effective vaccination and medication for the virus. Currently, the emerging species pose a threat to the effectiveness of the developed vaccines, but there is more than one global company operating, to be on the lookout for the new species.

Researchers worldwide in fields of virology and virus control are still working hard to find out the most about the coronairus and what ways are the best to prevent transmission from animal to human and between humans.

In answering this important and essential question, an early warning system can be designed and stablished globally to prevent a posible transmission through several ways. A scientific step from which all people worldwide can benefit.

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