Global climate change – Opportunities and limitations-I

Some of the devastating effects of climate change exacerbated by the deforestation (

Some of the devastating effects of climate change exacerbated by the deforestation (

By Dr. Hassan Humeida
Kiel, Germany

KIEL:  Climate change is the true global crisis of our time and for all living beings on the planet “Earth”. It is easier to look for limitations in climatic change than to look for possible opportunities or even to hope for them. An important question in this regard: does climate change give us opportunities at all? The answer can definitely be answered with yes, if we want to. As we know that in addition to the effects of natural climate gases, there are also effects of man-made (anthropogenic climate gases), which also play an important role in global climatic changes. These lead to global warming increasing, which favors drought and desertification. Here are large numbers of the world’s poor in the tropics and subtropics who are severely affected.

Climate change in its previously known form endangers the lives of farmers, ranchers, shepherds and fishermen alike. Due to the warming of the average temperature around the planet „Earth“, especially between the two layers of atmosphere and stratosphere, there is a thinning of the ozone layer, which protects the earth from rays, which leads to the earth, deep oceans warming up even forever frozen mountain peaks and glaciers in polar regions are melting. These strong changes favor the development of floods in areas where they are not to be expected. Coastal regions are particularly affected here, the frequency of cyclones, small islands in the middle of oceans are particularly threatened with disappearing forever from the world map. Fishing as a livelihood for many people in coastal regions, especially among small-scale fishermen, is at great risk.

Due to the increase in the average water temperature in waters, fish and marine organisms cannot develop any further. Furthermore, coral reefs, as habitats for marine organisms, are also threatened with dying. Such changes due to global warming affect the biological diversity in many waters on our planet. Global warming also influences the existence of living organisms in the air, corresponds to the existence of insects and thus of birds of different species. Both are important for a functioning and natural pollination of plants of different types and sizes. The biological diversity of plants, animals, birds, insects and marine organisms can be negatively influenced by climatic changes, which can cause the ecological balance of the nature of our earth to vibrate or tilt.


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