Four people killed in Saudi Arabia mountain accident

The serpentine road to the Edge of the World

The serpentine road near Riyadh

RIYADH: Four people were killed in Saudi Arabia in a freak accident as they were trying to reach the top of high cliffs known locally as the “Edge of the World.”

The cliffs, located 96 kilometers northwest of the capital Riyadh, drop away giving splendid views over the plain below leaving people with the impression that theyare, indeed, standing at the very edge of the world.

“We have received a report about a vehicle carrying nine people falling from a very rugged mountain slope west of the city of Riyadh,” the civil defence said in a statement.

The Edge of the World (Aramco)

The Edge of the World (Aramco)

“Civil defense crews and security aviation reached the site of the accident and rescued five injured passengers. Four people have lost their lives in the incident.”

Advising travelers, Saudi Arabia’s Aramco magazine says that access to the Edge by vehicle can be challenging and the going gets decidedly tough.

“You are advised to be driving a desert-ready SUV, ideally one equipped with four-wheel drive and with sufficient clearance to traverse the second half of your journey over difficult terrain and pock-marked dirt roads,” it says.

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