New international honor for Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo

President Joko is presented the award by Sang-ki Lee at a ceremony

President Joko Widodo is presented the award by Sang-ki Lee, Publisher of  AsiaN and Magazine N and the Founding President of AJA, at a ceremony at the Indonesia Presidential Palace in Jakarta

NEW YORK: Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo will be honored at the annual Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards on September 19.

The president will be honored for his leadership during Indonesia’s G-20 presidency, efforts to build bridges to end the devastating war in Ukraine, and wider advocacy for human rights, democracy, and a more robust global health architecture.

The Global Citizen Awards salutes leaders, from heads of state and business leaders to award-winning artists and actors, who have demonstrated outstanding and unique contributions to the transatlantic relationship and the health of the global community, the Atlantic Council said.

Each year, during United Nations General Assembly week in New York, the event brings together a high-level international audience including current and former world leaders, the Council added.

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In 2016, Joko Widodo won the Asia Journalists Association (AJA) Award in the political category for his effort in transforming the Indonesians’ economy and gradually eradicating corrupt practices amongst government officials and bureaucracy.

“The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo has been highly deemed to develop Indonesia as ‘the role model country of Asia’ through economic reforms since he was inaugurated as the president,” AJA said in its statement.

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