Fujairah Al Bader Festival set to highlight spiritual Mawlid values

Al Bader festival in 2022

A scene from Al Bader festival in 2022

FUJAIRAH: Al Bader Festival will be held on September 18-23 under the patronage of Fujairah Crown Prince H.H. Shaikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

The festival, in its third edition, is a spiritual and social-cultural commemoration of the birth (Mawlid) of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) in 570.

It will be held at the Fujairah Creative Center (the Ministry of Culture and Youth Centre, Fujairah).

“Mawlid”, a public holiday in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the Emirati heritage spiritual artforms where the biography and values of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and spiritual values, social compassion, beauty and art are spread and shared through various art forms.

The Fujairah festival that has acquired an outstanding and influential Arab and international reputation, focuses on reviewing the various stages of Prophet Mohammed’s life as well as his spiritual virtues and teachings.  The commemoration features prophetic praise and religious recitations and provides an occasion to remember the principles of peace, moderation, tolerance and mutual acceptance.


It also aims to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the local and Arab society in marking religious occasions and to consolidate their values and significance among the younger generations.

The six-day event will spotlight Arab and Islamic arts and ornamentation through exhibitions and interactive workshops.

Invocations by religious chanting groups from various Arab countries and Emirati Mawlid groups will highlight the cultural and social heritage of celebrating the auspicious occasion.


The festival will also host prominent artists and calligraphers from around the world to display their creative skills at Al Badr exhibition and conduct workshops on Arabic calligraphy and calligraphy paintings as well as influential figures who will present storytelling workshops on the Prophet’s biography to school students.

Al Bader festival will present awards to motivate young talents in writing and producing books on Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and on studies related to his life and virtues and in enriching Arab and Islamic culture.



Fujairah, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, borders Oman North and South and is bathed by the Indian Ocean.

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