Best service ready for media at Phnom Penh meeting

Media Center at the Council of Ministers

PHNOM PENH — Cambodia’s Ministry of Information has tried its best to serve both national and international media people to access to computer and internet during their work at the Council of Ministers during the meetings of the 45th AMM/ PMC/ 19th ARF/ 2nd EAS FMM being held on 6-13 July, 2012 here.

Cambodian journalist can access to computer and internet in the Media Center of the Council Ministers.

Peth Raksmey, Director of Information, Technology, and Communication of the Ministry of Information, said that 80 desktops have been provided for media while 20 others are used for general coordination in the media center. He said speedy internet and 2 lines of media free Wifi up to 200Mbps are provided for those who have their own laptop, iPad and phones.

1,085 national and international journalists have been registered through online at and direct mean with the ministry’s media department here. According to the media list, the number of Japan journalists is in the first rank (230 persons) while South Korea is in the second (48) and China is the third (27). Document printing is also available at the media center during the event.

An official at media department said the number of journalists will increase as several of them now are still registering. He said lunch is also provided free for journalist during the 8-day event hosted by Cambodia.

The event is participated from ASEAN members and ASEAN partners from 17 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, European Union, India, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, both South and North Korea, , Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, and the US.

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