Egyptian Museum’s exhibition touring Japan

Egyptian collection of the British Museum. (Xinhua/Hu Juanxin)

Egyptian collection of the British Museum. (Xinhua/Hu Juanxin)

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is offering a special touring exhibition titled, “The Golden Pharaohs and Pyramids: The Treasures from the Egyptian Museum,” and it’s expected to visit several cities in Japan.

It started in October last year in Tokyo, then went to Matsuyama, and the third stop of the exhibition is Sendai.

Elham Salah, head of the museums sector at the Ministry of Antiquities, told Egypt’s Al-Ahram that the tour which includes 120 artifacts from the Old Kingdom era and the pyramid-builders period is expected to last 25 months.

The objects were carefully selected from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Cairo and include the Golden Mask of King Amenemope, one of the three great golden masks of ancient Egypt, as well as a statue of King Khafre statue and a group of statues of servants, workers, beer- and bread-makers. A collection of scarabs and amulets are also on display, as are ancient Egyptian board games.

“This is the first ancient Egyptian exhibition to tour several cities in Japan after a three-year hiatus. The last touring exhibition sent to Japan was in 2012, entitled ‘Tutankhamun: The Golden Age of the Pharaohs’,” Salah pointed out.

The exhibition is on show at the Sendai City Museum which features historical and cultural artifacts as well as arts and crafts from the Sendai area, which range in age from the Stone Age to modern times.

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