A meaningful illustration of the Magazine N

cover1Bilal Bassal  / Illustrator – Journalist

Everyone is upset here, but as I’m walking now in Paris’ streets, I mentioned that the people forget quickly and want to return to their normal life as soon as possible. I knew that experience in Beirut when you believe that the death is not far from you, after watching or living this kind of horrible events, you care more about the rest of your life, and get the feeling to enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends. What happened in Nice, shocked everyone here and in the world.

By the way, this was my reaction as an illustrator: I want to make also a shocked illustration but in the positive sense. The blood of died people illustrates the red color of France’s flag, with the white waves, and blue sea(like the beach of Nice). These people represent all the cultures, colors and religions of this county.


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