‘The Great Graffiti exhibition’

4Seoul Arts Center and Minoa Art Asset are presenting “The Great Graffiti exhibition” which will stick around until February 26th of 2017 at the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum. This is the first graffiti museum show in Korea at Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum. Graffiti started from vandalism, which means in a sense destroying artworks or cultural heritage, however now it’s playing an important role in the contemporary art field. This collection shows how this “vandalistic” art form has become a admired form of communication. The exhibition will feature seven artists from UK, France, and the USA, and they will show the history, present and the future of graffiti.
The exhibition is organized by artists, who each of them represent their own unique characteristics. It begins with Zevs’s ‘Louis Vuitton’ mural, which has been created for this show showing the artist’s trademark “liquidation” technique, which plays with the original logo. Crash, on the other hand, is one of the pioneering artists of graffiti who opened up the genre and also well known for collaborating with famous watch brands Patek Philippe and iconic luggage brand Tumi. Shepard Fairey is the artists, who will be showing his work at the exhibition, and he is one of the world’s most influential graffiti artists to lead the dispersion of silkscreen posters and stickers. Nick walker has been credited with being part of the stencil graffiti movement that greatly influenced on Banksy. JonOne is a well for founding the graffiti group “156 All-stars”. L’Atlas has become a huge figure of the street Art movement and also developed a pictorial universe where he leads the written word towards calligraphic attraction. JR is one of the known graffiti artists in the world who combines art and action and deals with commitment, freedom, and limits.
This exhibition is opening in a great moment as well as appreciating some great art pieces also the artist will also present some events, such as live painting etc. So if you are interested and want to enjoy some great masterpieces I would highly recommend you to see this exhibition.

Venue name: Seoul Arts Center Contact:
Address: 2406, Nambusunhwan-to, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-718
Transport: Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Line 3), exit 5, take a shuttle bus
Price: 10,000 won
Website: http://www.sac.or.kr/eng/program/view.jsp?seq=29305&s_date=20161203

Source: ‘Timeout’

Amiira Ismail – The AsiaN Media Intern

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