New developments in Kim Jong-Nam murder case

kimjong_2097468bWednesday 15th, February, 2017 (10:30 pm South Korea)

Currently, the body of Kim Jong-eun’s estranged brother, Kim Jong-nam, is being examined for an autopsy to decipher the cause of death and motive for murder. This report comes mere hours after multiple reports that a body had been found at an airport in Kuala Lumpur which police were still hesitant to call Kim Jong-nam. Eye-witnesses claimed that two women immediately fled the airport after poisoning Kim.

As local Malaysian journalists and reporters from around the world wait in front of Hospital Kuala Lumpur for developments in the examinations, more details are being revealed regarding those involved in the killing of Mr. Kim. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service identified the two suspects who poisoned Kim Jong-nam as North Korean agents working for Kim Jong-il to protect his regime. Malaysia’s New Straits Times report that a 29-year-old Vietnamese woman has been detained for questioning in possible connection to the suspects.

Meanwhile, the Asian press community continues to look back on Kim Jong-nam’s relationship with his father and half-brother and note the occasions in which Kim Jong-nam criticized his family for their backward ways in running the North Korean regime. Still, that this recent murder was an outburst of the enmity amongst the ruling family cannot be proven as of yet.

Seo Eui-mi, The AsiaN Intern Reporter

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