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Fashion brand Metrocity was launched in Florence (Firenze), Italy, in 1992 and emphasizes metal decor with simple and minimalist silhouette designs. When Metrocity first came to Korea in 1997, Metrocity’s Jacquard backpack brought a sensational change, dominating the bag market by centering on leather, nylon, and cotton materials. This brought Metrocity to where it is now, 25 years later, bringing elegance and progressiveness to designs for young people around the world.

I interviewed Jeongeun Grace Park who is the Global Sales Marketing Manager of Meterocity. In the interview she talked of her position in the fashion company and more on general Metrocity affiliations.

 Global Sales Marketing Manager of fashion brand “Meterocity”- Jeoungeun Grace Park

Global Sales Marketing Manager of fashion brand “Meterocity”- Jeoungeun Grace Park

Hello! Please introduce yourself.

I am JeongEun Park. Eun means ‘Grace’ in Korean so everyone just calls me Grace now. I was born in Seoul, Korea, and went to university in Beijing, China, where I studied Business and Trading. After I got my degree, and I moved to New York City. I started working for an international trading company and became involved in many international projects through which I helped many Korean artists and fashion designers enter the global market.

I am also co-founder of CultureM magazine which is an artist’s magazine in Korea. Before working for Metrocity, I was a marketing manager at Fashion Technology Accelerator Korea—the headquarter office being in Silicon Valley, California and branch offices in Seoul and Milano. Now, I am a global sales and marketing manager at Metrocity and am in charge of overseas business affairs, which includes expanding global business.

Could you tell us about the brand you represent and how it is related to Italy?

Metrocity was founded in 1992, in Firenze, Italy. So this year, 2017 marks our 25th anniversary. Metrocity is a total fashion brand encompassing tote bags, shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear looks for men and women. Our brand also has a store called Metrocity Lounge that creates living utilities.

Rosie Hunnington and Kim Sungchan are the faces of the Metrocity summer campaign, how did that collaboration come about?

Rosie’s modern and elegant qualities fit Metrocity’s brand image.

She knows how to love herself and is confident about what she does. It took us a while to choose the muse for our summer campaign, one that would really reflect our image. It was definitely a whole-project through which we had to predict how the muse and the entire collaboration would influence sales and the brand image; not only for this collection but future campaigns.

Are there any notable (famous) people that have endorsed the brand by wearing Metrocity items?

Milla Jovovich, Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, among others, have worn the brand. As workers we also wear Metrocity items as well.

The Metrocity logo appears in many events and for the adverts of Korean dramas. Can you tell us about this?

Metrocity sponsors many TV programs such as Korea’s Next Top Model (Korea’s take of America’s Next Top Model) and Ultra Korea.

Our brand also participates in Seoul Fashion Week for very season, working with designers from around the world. We have a flagship store in Milano (Via Brera 23) and currently have been collaborating with Amsale (bridal fashion designer based in New York), Miffy (artist; name, Dick Bruna), Ben Eine, and Luisa Via Roma. Metrocity also works with Vogue Fashion Night Out in Seoul and Tokyo.

Popup Metrocity stores have also been opened at top fashion stores in the likes of Japan’s Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Odakyu Harajuku, Beams Int’l Gallery, and Hankyu Umeda.

How did you start working with this brand?

Before coming to Metrocity I had much experience working on global projects related to this field. So when I began working in Korea, I created a web magazine introducing Korea artists and fashion designers in the English language. I wrote about many internationally renowned people and conducted interviews with VIPs such as the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. At one point, I was even invited report at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood. Afterward I was also worked as marketing manager at Fashion Tech Accelerator Korea. I think it was the fact that I could speak Korean, Chinese, and English that I was able to be a part of so many great experiences. Understanding both Eastern and Western culture made me an asset for international projects.

The international background and experience I gained from working in America, Asia, and several European countries gave me the potential to work in global sales and marketing. Metrocity saw this in me and was glad to bring me into the brand for my fearless and outgoing character.

Could you tell me what your work position is within this brand?

Right now, I am the global sales and market manager. I am expanding our business internally and am taking care of the marketing strategy for each country.

Sometimes I also do some marketing work in Korea for events like Seoul Fashion Week and Ultra Music Festival Korea (Ultra Korea, EDM festival).

I also have meetings with major buyers and press form around the world.

My first project at Metrocity was a collaboration effort with Luisa Via Roma which is the legendary fashion store in Firenze, Italy. A recent project I worked on was opening a flagship store in Mila (Via Brera 23). For those visiting Milano, stopping by Via Brera is a must.

Could you tell us the positive and negative aspects of working for a big brand as Metrocity?

Well, when working for Metrocity, it’s hard to have all the players (buyers, producers, distributors etc.) on the page, so it’s crucial for us to have meetings on a regular basis.

I like working for big brands like Metrocity because I am able to play “the big game”. Small businesses do not have projects to the scale that we hold. Each day I learn a lot by being here—that it has been 25 years since Metrocity’s founding gives us a lot of wisdom and knowledge in the fashion sector.

What are your hopes for the future of Metrocity?

I want to see Metrocity in every department store of every city around the world like other luxury brands. That’s my ultimate goal. I would also like to see Metrocity Fashion Shows being held in New York, Milano, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and in Seoul for each fashion week season.

Metrocity is known for the longevity of its products. But other than its items, Metrocity donates some of the brand’s proceeds to underprivileged children through Miracle Campaigns and charity bazaars, aiding in projects like building wells, schools, and delivering relief supplies to children in Africa.

For more information about Metrocity, you can visit the website (below) as well as follow Grace through her social media account (@jeungrace).

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 By Amiira Ismail, reporter for The AsiaN

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