“Cultural Exchange Between India and Arab World Throughout Ages” with Egyptian Writer and Poet Ashraf Dali


Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Dali); Egyptian writer, poet and author of many books in travel literature is invited to celebrate the diamond Jubilee of Rouuzathul Uloom Association in India, in an international seminar co held by ROUZATHUL ULOOM ARABC COLLEGE & POST GRADUATE & RESEARCH DEPARTMENT OF ARABIC, FAROOK COLLEGE ON “CULTURAL EXCHANGE BETWEEN INDIA AND ARAB WORLD THROUGHOUT AGES” from 22nd to 23rd, November  2017 at  Farook College Auditorium

Indo-Arab relations that can be dated back to antiquity speak of such inter cultural dialogues and exchanges between two age-old civilizations. There are a lot of historical evidences for this time-tested cultural tie up. India had never aspired to live in isolation and always kept its doors open for the people and culture from across the world. The philosophy of tolerance and coexistence of all faiths and races had been the essence of its civilization. It remained a melting pot for the world culture and civilization. The intensive interaction between India and Arab world was dynamic, diverse and multidimensional. However, the impact of this interaction was very much visible and lasting in the domain of culture and literature.

The cultural linkages in the past, in fact, have brought these two regions more close to each other and provided the base to maintain the relationship of similar sort in the contemporary times.

It is worth mentioning here that India, in ancient times, was far ahead Of the world in science, philosophy and literature. India’s scientific literature was first introduced to the Arabs in Baghdad where Sanskrit works were made available by the Indian delegation.

Egyptian scholar Tharwat Okasha prepared an encyclopedia of Indian arts in Arabic in recent times. India’s contribution in promotion of Arabic language and literature in India does not need any introduction. The history of learning and teaching of Arabic language in India starts with the arrival of Islam. It came as the language of Arab traders who were in the region in visible numbers.

Likewise, a number of Arab literature have been translated several Indian languages. The process of literary and cultural exchanges between India and Arab world is on large scale. In the recent times, cultural and literary encounters between India and Arab world are on a large scale.

This International seminar is an attempt to bring together academics, research scholars and experts in India and abroad who have worked in these diverse branches on a platform for giving exposure in these areas of culture, civilization, language and literature of these two regions.

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