The majesty of history, the opulence of nature in the Royal City of Sandomierz


The Castle, one of the most precious historic monuments in Sandomierz

The Castle, one of the most precious historic monuments in Sandomierz

Sandomierz: Founded on seven hills just like ancient Rome, Sandomierz is one of the oldest and historically most important cities in Poland.

A wealth of well-preserved historical monuments testifies to the glorious past of the city situated in south-eastern Poland and considered as a living witness to the history and culture of the country.

Among them are the City Hall, an example of Renaissance art in Poland, considered by many to be one of the finest objects of Renaissance architecture, the Cathedral Basilica, the Castle dating back to the times of King Casimir the Great, Gostomianum College, one of Poland’s oldest secondary schools, and the magnificent churches of St. Paul’s, St. Michael’s and the St. Jacob’s Church with the Dominican Monastery.

Sandomierz also hides a wealth of natural attractions. The Pepper Mountains with a unique geology and nature reserve are situated within city limits. The reserve marks the boundary that separates Świętokrzyskie mountains from the Old Valley of the Vistula and the extensive Sandomierz Basin.

Owing to its unique location, the city is surrounded by the lush greenery of municipal parks and the nearby orchards. Active recreation enthusiasts find plenty of attractions in the restored Piszczele Sandomierz Park which features hiking trails, cycle paths, a skate park, a basketball court, gazebos, safe bonfire pits and the Tarzan trail rope park.

Each year, Sandomierz hosts a variety of cultural events, including the Festival of ExtraOrdinary Films, Sandomierz Days, Jagiellonian Fair and Knight Tournament.

Tourists find many accommodation options in Sandomierz to suit all budgets, including motels, boarding houses, academic dormitories, shelters, private rooms and agrotourist farms.

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