Life jackets a must for sea passengers in monsoon-hit Philippines


 A wooden-hull motorized banca suspended pending an investigation - PNA

A wooden-hull motorized banca suspended pending an investigation – PNA

Manila: All passengers of ships with open deckhouses plying sea routes in the Philippines are required to wear life jackets at all times, the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has said.

“All sea passengers of ships with open deckhouse shall be required to wear lifejackets from the time of departure and during the entire voyage, except in floating restaurants and in ships used in river crossings, in which case life jackets shall be placed in an easily accessible location,” Marina said in a statement carried by the Philippines New Agency (PNA).

The order also requires all ships to implement safety measures, establish a public address system, disseminate safety instructions in the local dialect, Filipino and English, and ensure that the number of life jackets are equal to the total number of passengers and crew. All passengers who disobey the policy will be required to disembark.

The order follows the death on Saturday of at least 31 people when two ferry boats capsized after being buffeted by fierce winds and powerful waves. A third ferry also capsized, but it was not carrying passengers and its five crewmen survived the incident.

On Monday, Marina suspended the operation of all passenger wooden-hulled bancas plying the Iloilo–Guimaras route to conduct a thorough safety standards assessment and evaluation, PNA added.

Additional ships from private companies have been directed to ply the sea route to augment the needs of sea passengers in the area.


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