Kazakhstan to move from super-presidential system to a presidential system with a strong parliament

Tokayev casting his ballot (Kazinform)

Tokayev casting his ballot (Kazinform)

NUR-SULTAN: Around 11.7 million Kazakhstanis are registered to cast their ballots on constitutional reforms that, according to Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev will bring big changes to the nation.

The novelties the Kazakhstani people vote for today provide for big changes in the public life of the country, Tokayev said.

“Indeed, the paradigm of interaction between the State and the public brings to the fore the human rights changes, which is of high importance. In the Constitution, the human rights commissioner’s status acquires new meaning as he will be able to appeal to the Constitutional Court, which is new for us,” Tokayev was quoted by Kazakhstan news agency Kazinform.

A major reform will be the introduction of measures that give parliament more power vis-a-vis the president.

On March 16, he stressed in a speech to the nation the need for “well-considered steps to reorganize the political model of Kazakhstan’s development.”

“First of all, we are talking about the final transition from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament. Such a system will provide optimal balance of power institutions and will contribute to the sustainable development of the country,” he said.

A total of 11.7 million people as well as over 11,000 Kazakhstani nationals residing abroad may cast their ballots in the national referendum to introduce amends and additions to the constitution.

Earlier the Central Commission for the Referendum said that 10,012 polling stations across the country and 65 more sites in 52 countries have been set up for the referendum.

According to reports, the reform package addresses 33 separate articles – about one third of the total constitutional articles. It was developed by a working group that Tokayev established in March.

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