The poisoning of life by drugs – Direct and indirect effects

Drug powder cocaine in silhouette of the skull

Drug powder cocaine in silhouette of the skull (CBS News)

By Dr. Hassan Humeida 

KIEL: Today, many people are not satisfied with themselves, their performance or surroundings.

Today’s man is in search of the perfect drug that can make everything possible in life. It doesn’t matter what the drug is made of, it can be chemical, herbal, or both in one compound.

What matters is that the drug must works magically even if it is toxic.

The modern man in his daily routine longs for beauty, fitness, success and performance. And when all of these are fully fulfilled, man compare himself to others who have more and he starts looking for more.

Buying, using, or selling drugs without realizing that the path to total crashing is deceivingly and dangerously smooth.

It is ominously linked to dealing with drugs, physical decline, the destruction of the family and absolute impoverishment.

The work environment is badly affected and friends and colleagues are lost as they see how the drug-afflicted person is hopelessly addicted and completely incapacitated.

Withdrawal therapy, job loss and a deep dive into debt follow, and then, it is poverty and misery.

The dramatic slide is witnessed by the family and close friends who see the physical and social decline day after day.

It is not uncommon for violence to manifest itself in internal relationships within families and to shatter their peaceful way of life.

Unfortunately, the obsession for the use of drug remains and worsens and the cost in all terms becomes heavier, unbearable and painful.

Sometimes it costs the family’s entire fortune or the assets painstakingly saved.

Anger and rage spread everywhere among the family members, leading to fury and conflicts and, in most cases, with madness come full violence and brutality.

Excessive drug consuming and abuse in many cases leads to theft and various crimes, which eventually means jail and another series of dramatic frustrations for all. Drugs are the path to horrible violence and terrible losses.

Already in the womb, fetuses suffer from the effects of drug-using mothers. Many are even born with pronounced severe malformations or permanent disabilities or sudden death.

Children who survive will heavily from their parents’ use of drugs. They are affected by all tragic events and developments unfolding in the family household.

They get the failure of dependent parents through drug use in professional and private lives. Some children are lucky and remain strong and survive what is considered a family crisis they are most likely to become fragile and cannot survive critical crises in own family.

An excerpt from my children’s book The Wishes of Shajen – Published in 2022.

I don’t want to, I want to (11):

I don’t want to live a narrow, miserable life and be a burden to anyone. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. I don’t want to deceive. I don’t want to cheat and I don’t want to steal.

I want to be able to pay for my food and drink myself. I would like to be able to pay the rent for my accommodation, the monthly amount for my health insurance and the daily price for my trip. I want to be able to pay my expenses every month. I would like to have my own savings account that I can put money into over and over again and that I can proudly access at any time.

Dr Hassan Humeida

Dr Hassan Humeida


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