Bangladesh leftist groups opposed Hillary’s visit

DHAKA, Bangladesh — The left leaning political and student organizations in Bangladesh staged demonstrations in the capital city of Dhaka on Friday protesting the Bangladesh visit of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary was the third US Secretary of State to visit Bangladesh.  Her visit was planned as a part of her three-nation tour in Asia. From Dhaka, she  stopped at Kolkata on her way to New Delhi. 

As the top American diplomat to visit Bangladesh in nearly a decade, Hilary arrived at Dhaka on Saturday from Beijing. Earlier she  had  visited Dhaka as  the first  lady with President Bill Clinton  in 2000.

During her  Dhaka visit, Hilary Clinton met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni  and  the leader  of the Opposition Behum Khaleda Zia.

Protesting  Hillary’s visit  to Bangladesh,  the leaders  of the left  parties  labeled the USA as a terrorists state that  was engaged  in  imposing  war  on other  nations and plundering  their  wealth. 

 “They are killing many people around the world every day in the name of democracy and peace. But in reality, it is trying to impose its supremacy on others by sheer forces”, said the left student leaders. 

“USA worked against Bangladesh during our war of liberation in 1971. The US provided the occupation forces of Pakistan with strong military support and weapon to suppress Bangladeshi independence.  We should prevent any activities of the USA government that goes against our national interest,” they further said. 

On Friday, demonstrations were organized in Dhaka by Socialist party of Bangladesh, Ganoshanghati Andolon, Communist Party of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Chhatra Union, Bangladesh Juba union and the federation of   garments workers. More organizations held similar protests on Saturday and Sunday. ипотечный кредит на квартиру

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