Three killed, one injured in 16-storey building fire in Kazakhstan

The building on fire

The building on fire (Kazinform)

KARAGANDA: Three people died from an explosion in a 16-storey building in Karaganda, the capital of Karaganda in central Kazakhstan.

According to the local emergency department, the explosion occurred on the eighth floor of the residential building at around 9:29pm, Kazinform news agency reported.

“An apartment on the eighth floor was engulfed in flames when the rescuers arrived, the department said.

“The fire was localized at 10:37 pm. Bodies of three people were found in the burning apartment. A man was taken to a hospital with injuries, after falling from the 8th floor balcony.”

The bodies of the three victims were found in the flat where the fire seemingly started.

A man who fell from the eighth floor balcony is in severe conditions, doctors said, quoted by Kazinform.

“The patient is conscious, responds adequately, oriented to time and place. He is now in intensive care unit. He receives all required medical assistance. The patient has closed chest injury and closed fracture of lower-leg bones,» regional healthcare department said.

Preliminary investigations suggested that a gas explosion caused the fire. However, experts say no gas appliances were found in the burning apartment.

“No gas appliances were found at the accident site. No collapse or destruction of structures has been recorded. Heating systems are not broken. The cause of the fire is being investigated,” the emergency authorities said.

Some of the victims (Kazinform)

Some of the building dwellers (Kazinform)

Reports said that 48 residents, including nine children, were rescued from neighbor apartments with the help of rescue caps while 82 people, including 21 children, were evacuated.

The fire was extinguished at 10:55pm and 88 people and 23 specialized vehicles were involved in the firefighting and rescue operation.

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