The AsiaN determined to play a role of bridge between Korea and Kuwait through its Arabic version

From left, Ashraf Dali, President of AJA Middle East Chapter, Wang Xuan, vice-editor of Chinese version of The AsiaN, Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, vice-chairman of Action Group Holdings Co.(AGH) and Lee Sang-ki, publisher of The AsiaN have a talk. The picture on the wall is a work of Sheikh's favorite artist, Robert Indiana. (Photo=Alpago Sinasi)

Lee Sang-ki, publisher of The AsiaN, Wang Xuan(China), vice-editor of Chinese version of The AsiaN, and Alpago Sinaci(Turkey), Correspondent to Korea of Cihan News Agency visited Kuwait from Oct 14 to 18 to discuss launching the Arabic version of The AsiaN and activate the Middle East Chapter of Asia Journalist Association(AJA).

Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, vice-chairman of Action Group Holdings Co.(AGH), and Kim Kyung-sik, Korean Ambassador to Kuwait.

The delegates give a present, the ceramic made by a potter Shin Hyun-chul and the booklet, to the vice chairman. The frame on the right-side wall is a miniature version of gold crown of Shilla Dynasty which was received from Kim Seung-Youn, the president of Hanhwa Group.

Also, they visited Kuwaiti Media companies including Al-Arabi Magazine, Kuwait News Agency(KUNA) and so on to discuss ways of cooperation between both.

Delegates visited the first summit of Asia Cooperation Dialogue(ACD) hall and looked around membership countries’ booths like China, Vietnam and so forth.

At the first day of visit, delegates are invited to a restaurant in Kuwait for dinner by Korean Ambassador to Kuwait.

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, Minister of Information in Kuwait, said, “I hope The AsiaN plays a role as a bridge between Korea and Kuwait.  Kuwait Ministry of Information would help The AsiaN in various ways to achieve that goal”.

The inner scene of KUNA, the state news agency of Kuwait.

On the other hand, there was  another purpose to visit Kuwait. It was to discuss matters related to the opening of a party to celebrate publishing poems of Kuwaiti Poet, Sheikh Souad Mohammad Al-Sabah. Sheikh Souad Mohammad Al-Sabah is a member of Kuwaiti royal family and the 2012 winner of the Manhae Prize in Literature.  Her book of poetry shall be published at coming November through The AsiaN. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah(the first) and Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah(the second) are her sons.

Delegates have a small talk at the Al-Arabi Magazine. The person with traditional Arabic wear is the editor-in-chief of Al-Arabi Magazine, Sulaiman Al-Askari. All offices in Kuwait have pictures of Emir, right, and crown prince.

Lee said, “Through this time’s visit to Kuwait, I thought The AsiaN has to make more efforts to expand human networks and promote the true picture of Middle East countries. The AsiaN will do our best to prepare the launch of Arabic version of The AsiaN, scheduled to open on November 11th, the 1st anniversary of The AsiaN”.

Delegates give the replica of Se-Han-Do(歲寒圖), a famous traditional Korean painting, printed on silk fabric to Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. Se-Han-Do(歲寒圖), depicting a lone pine tree standing in winter scenery, was originally drawn by Kim Jung-hee, a famous painter of Yi Dynasty, in 1844 when he was living in exile in Jeju Island. The replica was produced and supported by Yesan-gun, the hometown of the artist of Se-Han-Do.

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