“Samsung mobile products occupy about 90 percent of market share in Nepal”

Puskal Khatiwada, marketing manager of Samsung Mobiles in Kathmandu, talked about how Nepali consumers estiamate Samsung proudcts and future plan of the company to better meet the needs of people in Himalayan country in an interview with Bishnu Gautam.

Q. Who do you think love to use Samsung mobiles and other home appliances in Nepal?

A. Samsung Mobile has been gaining popularity worldwide because of its cutting edge technology, high class designs, competitive pricing and alluring features in the device.  Samsung mobile has a wide range of models catering to every segment in terms of income, gender, age-group etc. There has been high involvement of research team before launching any models which has led Samsung mobiles to success. Still, mostly Samsung Mobile lovers are those in the age group of 16-35 plus executive class and high profile business people.

Q. Is it popular among the high class families or middle class people?

A. While coming to age group of 16-35 its popularity comes within from blend of both high class and middle class people and high class families are equally into it for the flagship products as Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The attention started drawn with the products like Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note.

Q. How is the performance of Samsung Smart Phone, popularity and daily demands?

A. Samsung Smartphones have been doing wonders across the globe. However, behind the wonder is a huge investment in research and new technologies introduced. Samsung Smart phones have been synonymous to what one looks in a mobile device today, that is, need to stay connected on the go, a device for learning and leisure with applications as readers hub and game hub, music hub, SNS integrations etc. out of total smartphone business in Nepal, Samsung Smartphone occupies major chunk with around 90 percent of the market share.

Q. How many showrooms, cafes and service centres of Samsung are in operation in Kathmandu and outside the valley?

A. In Kathmandu we have two showrooms (Samsung Mobile Plaza, Kamaladi & Tele-World, People Plaza) and two Smartphone Café (Kumaripati and Pako). Further Outside Kathmandu we have three smartphone café in Operations (Narayanghat, Butwal, Dang). We shall soon come up with more cafes in Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu by the year end and the extension would go further during 2013.

Q. Have you any plan to expand your service elsewhere?

A. No as of now, we have no plans to extend our service centers. At Present we have a total of four service centers and they have been strategically developed to cater to the entire region of Nepal (Kathmandu, Naraynghat, Itahari and Nepalgunj).

Q. How do you feel when you operate the main showroom of Samsung mobiles in Kathmandu?

A. Rather than being showroom operators we International Marketing Services Pvt Ltd are the only authorized national distributor for Samsung mobiles for Nepal. Having to operate the showroom, we have been able to be in direct touch with the consumers who have helped us be in touch with our consumer group, get the feedbacks from them regarding our products and its performance and to provide them with better consumer experience.

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