Arab-Korean poetic meeting: Publication of Ko Un’s poems in UAE celebrated in Seoul

Dubai Al-Thaqafeyya magazine, UAE, December 2012

The Arab-Korean Meeting in Seoul
A Signing ceremony for “One Thousand & One Lives” Attended by Author and Translator

The poetic anthology entitled “One Thousand & One Lives”, published by Dubai Al-Thaqafeyya in its monthly series (August 2012), was celebrated in Korea.

The celebration was organized by Mr. Lee Sang-ki, AJA founder, and witnessed the presence of the great Korean poet and author of the anthology; Mr. Ko Un, along with its translator; the Egyptian poet Mr. Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, and some Arab and Korean writers. The occasion was telecasted by a Korean TV channel in its main news.

The book “One Thousand & One Lives” has 60 poems in 80 pages, medium size cut, written by the poet Ko Un, with a bibliography of what he published. Mr. Ko Un is the author of more than 150 books, including poetry, criticism, novels, biography, and books on the Korean poetry figures, children books, and many of these works are translated into 14 languages. He has long been listed among the candidates for Nobel Literature Prize.

The ceremony was attended by critic Abdul-Rahim El-Allam, Preisedent of Morrocan Writers Union, Egyptian writer Radwa Ashraf, Tunisian media figure Sauda Al-Zoghbi, Omani writer Mohammed Saif Al-Rahbi, Jordanian writer Najwa Zahhar, and the Turkis poet and translator Metin Findici.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid signed his poetry book (On The Passage of Death), his novel (Shamaes), the Korean version, and gifted them to the great Korean poet Ko Un.

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