Ashraf Aboul-Yazid signs “the Memory of Silence” in Mumbai Poetry Festival


In Mumbai, 22nd and 23rd April 2017, a Paperwall Media and Publishing Initiative hosts its Mumbai Poetry Festival in the New Library Hall, in Mumbai- a city of dreams.

PMP has been a part of the publishing industry for the past 25 years. It began in 1992 with Abhidha, a journal dedicated to Marathi poetry, which later metamorphosed into a quarterly – AbhidhaNantar which redefined and refined the way Marathi poetry was received till then by its readers and presented fantastic contemporary Marathi poets and their works, essays and literary criticism.

This paved the way to getting more books of Marathi poetry being published under the imprint AbhidhaNantar. Poetrywala was born later but has carved a niche space for itself with sheer hard work and dedication towards poetry in its totality.

Hemant Divate

Hemant Divate

English poetry and translations started getting published under this imprint. 95 exquisite books of poetry have been published till date. Paperwall Media & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Hemant Divate and Smruti Divate with a sole reason to publish books of excellent quality in respect to content and reproduction. It is with Paperwall that we seek to carry our literary aspirations into the realm of prose, fiction, critical essays, and writing for young adults.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Ashraf Dali), AJA president, will participate in the next Mumbai Poetry Festival, as an honored guest to recite some his poems, and sign his new volume of poetry; The Memory of Silence, a selected anthology (1989 – 2013), published by Poetrywala. Mr. Dali has more than 30 books published, in poetry, novels, and travels. His other poetic anthology works were translated into Spanish, Persian, Turkish and English, and his first novel; Shamawes, was translated into Korean in 2008.

Mumbai Poetry Festival hosted tens of poets from around the world during its past years, last year 50 poets were guests from India and abroad.

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