Mongolian artist A.Ochirbold wins Nordart Prize 2019

A.Ochirbold (Montsame)

A.Ochirbold (Montsame)

Ulaanbaatar: Mongolian artist Ayurzana Ochirbold has been awarded the Nordart Prize with his sculpture installation ‘Degree’ sized 320 x 2100 x 1700 cm.

The Nordart Prize, sponsored by Hans-Julius Ahlmann and Johanna Ahlmann (ACO Group) since 2010, aims to support the art and culture scene.

The winner was awarded EUR 10,000 and invited to participate again in next year’s NordArt. The official ceremony to hand over the prize certification will be held in June 5 and 6 during the opening of the Nordart 2020, the Mongolian news agency MONTSAME reported.

The Nordart 2019 international exhibition of visual arts is taking place in Büdelsdorf, Germany from June 1 to October 13.

For the 21st time, the largest annual exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe is presenting paintings and sculptures, photographs and installations by 200 artists selected from all over the world, including Mongolia with its special project titled ‘In der Welt Sein: Encountering Sublimity’ featuring 23 works of 53 artists.

On September 21, in scope of ‘The Long Night of the Lights’ event, the NordArt organized an award ceremony of the NordArt Prize and NordArt Public Choice Award.

Born in 1976, sculptor A.Ochirbold  studied at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar.

According to MONTSAME, many of his large-scale sculptures are set up in public places in Mongolia and his works have been included in numerous exhibitions in Germany, South Korea, China, Russia, USA and Mongolia.

His sculpture “Consciousness” is located in the sculpture park of the United Nations in New York.

In 2015, he won the NordArt Public Choice Award for his 5-meter high steel sculpture, ‘Man is not an abundance on earth’.

Recently, Ochirbold’s works have become more and more critical of current social and political conditions and are for every viewer individual to interpret.

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