Let the Korean nation reunite

Nasir arguing for the reunification of Korea at the WOrld Journalists Conference on September 16 (Picture by Sang-ki Lee)

Nasir arguing for the reunification of Korea at the World Journalists Conference on September 16 (Picture by Sang-ki Lee)

By Nasir Aijaz
TheAsiaN Representative

ISLAMABAD: Today we are discussing the 70th anniversary of the Korean War that divided a nation described by the Great Poet of Bengal Rabindranath Tagore as ‘The Future Lamp of the Asia’.

For hundreds of years, Korea had been a battleground for rival nations, but the last century – possibly the darkest in the peninsula’s history – has seen it divided as never before.

There is a Korean proverb which says “when whales fight, the shrimp’s back is broken”. And this happened in the case of Korea. The Korean Peninsula became an unexpected casualty of the escalating Cold War between two rival superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States.

It’s unfortunate that the Korea is still divided even after seven decades, though the other divided nations like Vietnam and Germany have unified.

During the seven decades, several attempts were made to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, but all failed – I would say, mainly due to involvement of foreign powers, who had imposed the division of the Korean nation.

In fact, owing to the involvement of foreign forces, the Korean War has not yet ended, as a South Korean analyst Mr. JEONG-HO ROH, Director of the Center for Korean Legal Studies at Columbia University and former adviser to South Korea’s ministry of national unification, says.

According to him, the problem with the Korean War is that it ended with the armistice, which was just a military agreement, but a formal political agreement had to follow. The war at political and diplomatic fronts continues.

Mr. Jeong-Ho has referred to the USA and China, and in my opinion, it is not South or North Korea, but these two powers that are hindering the peace in Peninsula.

A Desire for unification – A symbolic expression at DMZ (Picture by Nasir Aijaz)

A Desire for unification – A symbolic expression at DMZ (Picture by Nasir Aijaz)

Although, during the seven decades, South and North Korea have evolved from a common cultural and historical base into two very different societies with radically dissimilar political and economic systems, I am sure most of the Koreans desire that the two Koreas must one day be reunited.

In my view, the main factor hindering the move towards the normalization of situation, which could lead to the reunification of the two Koreas, though in phases, is the involvement of foreign powers that had always created obstacles whenever the Korean nation took steps towards reunification.

I firmly believe that the reunification of two Koreas is inevitable, as only The One Nation – One Korea can guarantee the stable peace in the world in general and in Asia in particular.

I earnestly appeal to the foreign powers to please withdraw from the peninsula, and let the Korean nation come closer and reunite for stable peace in Asia and the world.

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