War, destruction, death, peace… and then?


By Dr. Hassan Humeida

Kiel, Germany: Worn out and worried, abandoned and fearful people. Serious faces of the soldiers who feed themselves from sources of their own euphoria until the next raid. Commanders who push the soldiers into the front line to burn and smolder – some stay and burn with them and others slink away once the fire starts to burn. War leaders who sit ensconced in their secure ivory fortresses, give supreme commands and lustily play with dangerous buttons.

Here and there people sit down and have a drink and wonder if it’s the last drink for them.

Before there is an answer, war breaks out. Heavily loaded trucks, tanks rolling and planes in the air. Soldiers from the air, soldiers from the water and soldiers on the ground. Direct and fierce encounters of soldiers with opponents and civilians, shooting and slaughtering until it is no longer possible. Searching for hiding places and raiding inaccessible rooms, apartments and houses. It is the power of war that robs all people of their own freedom.

Destruction and no food, water, electricity, or fuel.

The infrastructure in times of war is no longer the old infrastructure. Streets aren’t the old streets in times of war anymore. The buildings are no longer the old buildings. People are no longer the old people. They are people with broken bodies, wounded souls and shattered hopes. The atmosphere isn’t the old atmosphere anymore. There is a spooky mood full of monsters and ghosts everywhere. The smell of ammunition, smoke, ash and decay dominates the air. Everything is possible and everything smells the same at this moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pet or a loved one. It is the death of innocent people who have nothing to do with the war. They are people like people from any peaceful family. Many people go to war without saying their last words. Many walk so suddenly that the viewer’s eyes cannot properly perceive their walking. Many leave, but are not spared from desecrating the opponent after death.

Peace may pass or maybe not. The guilt runs high. The war leaders gather, feeling small from grave offenses, and say in a low and broken voice: “Let’s make peace.”

You can make peace, but what you cannot do well after the war. A broken and crumbled mirror is not like a whole mirror. Even if a person sees inside himself, he sees a totally different picture of himself.

Peace can be made after the war, but it doesn’t guarantee a good and peaceful coexistence. Experiences with wars have shown that deep distrust prevails for a long time between parties that are at war.

This distrust can last for decades, centuries or longer. Breaking down mistrust is one of the most difficult missions in human history. Distrust in the animal kingdom means avoiding others – going in peace and leaving others in peace.

The toughest factory in the world is the one where peace is forged after a war. The world should understand that we are facing a third world war. Instead of dealing with insignificance and romance, this should take care of world peace. This is also when the red wine softens under the sunshine and romantically mixes with the colors of the sunset.

Neither beautiful words nor long speeches help when war breaks out and people, full of fear and with empty bellies, try to cross the world in search of security that does not exist.

The spiritual contribution on the part of the Vatican is more needed than ever in ending the ongoing war in Europe and other wars in the world.

The honored and respected Pope of the Vatican needs neither an invitation nor appointments. A spontaneous trip with the support of spiritual other world religions and depending on the world population and people who believe in it would be very appropriate here to make a session under the golden domes possible and to find quick solutions – to turn the war into peace.

Finally, just one sentence: For a new and optimistic beginning, If peace has many beautiful faces, war has just only one face, namely the ugly one. We have then the choice.


An excerpt from my children’s book entitled “My Own Life” – Published on February 23, 2022 – My Steps (11):

Here I am no longer young and I have steps to walk. Steps I can walk alone, without the need for my parents to walk with me. My steps, which I take humbly every day, support me. My steps that I take every day with confidence strengthen me. My steps that I take steadily every day encourage me. So, I do not follow another person’s hobbies, and in turn I ask other people to do so. By memorizing the shape of my steps, I keep walking by myself. So, it is my right that no one follow my steps.

Dr. Hassan Humeida

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