“New Asia, New Dynamics” motto of the Magazine N

magazine-n-february-2017This year, The AsiaN’s Magazine N embarks on the New Year with the phrase, “New Asia, New Dynamics” and truly, it is the start of a whole new platform upon which Magazine N aspires to convey the ideas of reporters and columnists around Asia. Not only has there been shifts in the format of the content and design, a depth can now be seen in the various sections as journalists came together with their unique experiences to weave a cohesive picture of an interconnected continent.

From bilateral relations between Kyrgyzstan and Iran to human rights issues being violated in the Middle East, readers are given an inside scoop into current events that are not easily accessed. In one particular article, our authors reveal Turkish youth’s interest in Korea and note how efforts are being made to further cultural communication. “Dynamic Asia” also includes cutting-edge technological developments. The issue covers Central Asian affairs with the focus on Astana Talks on Syria and Post-Soviet developments of regional countries. The tools of PKK terrorism and EU-Shanghai discussion of Turkey, Women’s adventure on politics in Bangladesh, Economic Corridor issue of Pakistan and Relations between Israel-Azerbaijan are deeply analyzed in this issue.

On that line, Magazine N introduces the Space Energy Implosion Radiation Generator that can directly purify natural resources without a secondary energy source. As an addition to the pieces about politics, economy, and technology, travel and cinema sections are ready for our reader with totally dynamic contents. What began as The AsiaN’s attempt to jump-start communication between Asian countries is now growing into a new wave of information networking that will be a bridge to international cooperation.

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