Istanbul Governor bans LGBTQ pride parade


The Governor of Istanbul has banned the holding of an LGBTQ pride parade in the city for the fourth consecutive year, Efe Songün wrote for The Daily Beast.

“This year’s ban was expected considering the bans on other LGBTQ activities announced under the state of emergency earlier this year in Ankara,” Songün said.

“Even though the Parade has now been banned, LGBTQ activists will carry on with the activities that surround Pride Week, and an effort to mount a peaceful demonstration will be held to raise LGBTQ visibility.”

Activists will still try to hold a march to raise the visibility of their cause, but police may be out in force to limit or disperse them.

Turkish law is much more liberal on LGBTQ rights than other countries in the Middle East region, but there is still plenty of prejudice exhibited against LGBTQ people in the country, Songün said.

Particularly at risk are LGBTQ refugees, who are doubly vulnerable, he added.

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