PEACEMINUSONE, a Korean fashion brand


Born on October 1st 2016, the fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE envisions “a world at Peace coming together (One) with a world deprived (Minus) as a crossover between the real and the ideal”. It is the materialization of pop-star G-Dragon and his stylist, Gee Eun’s combination of imaginations and their act of wearing and doing whatever they want.

PEACEMINUSONE does not offer any seasonal collections, and often they will display new products without prior notice or promises of re-release. Items are created and sold based on limited quantity and most sell-out immediately.
Based in Seoul, PEACEMINUSONE frequently receives love calls from around the world. Even before its official launching, the brand successfully ran its collaboration with Parisian boutique Colette with the “PEACEMINUSONE EXHIBITION” and after party events in January 2017.
Since then, PEACEMINUSONE has worked on projects with other editing stores in London, New York, Ginza, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing. After introducing the brand’s first pop-up store in Seoul, June 2017, PEACEMINUSONE made its international rounds through Miami, Osaka, and Hong Kong, to return to the “mother land”, Seoul, in October.
At this point, PEACEMINUSONE opened its second pop-up store (collaborating with Vogue) in celebration of the brand’s first anniversary. And like his statement, “I wanted to make a style through which people would see me,” PEACEMINUSONE is G-Dragon’s existence; the embodiment of G-Dragon himself.
By Kim Bobae and Lee Joo-hyeong

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