Happy Sindhi Sarangi Day


By Nasir Aijaz
Asia N Representative

Sindh Priovince: Sindhi communities around the world are celebrating today – June 27, as the Sindhi Sarangi Day for revival and promotion of ancient Sindhi musical instrument.

Rajesh Kumar Parasramani, a renowned Sarangi Player based in Bilaspur India, who pioneered Sindhu Gharana and developed his own Sarangi, had announced the Sindhi Sarangi Day.

Ssince Sindhi Sarangi has 27 strings, he set June 27 as the day for promoting this ancient Sindhi musical instrument, he said.

Rajesh Kumar Parasramani playing Sindhi Sarangi – Sindh Courier

Rajesh Kumar Parasramani playing Sindhi Sarangi (Sindh Courier)

“The history of Sindhi Sarangi dates back 1500 to 2000 years. Sindhi Sarangi originated in Sindh from where it spread to other countries and got different names like it was introduced in Multan and was named as Multan Sarangi,” he said tracing the history and added that currently in India the Sindhi Sarangi is played in three areas – Jodhpur district, Jaisalmer district but in the name of Multan Gharana, and now in Bilaspur.

“There used to be Sindhi Gharana (dynasty) of Sindhi Sarangi in olden days but it vanished with passage of time, and that’s the main reason, in consultation with some other classical artists, I decided to revive it with the name of Sindhu Gharana earlier this month,” he had told Sindh Courier on phone from Bilaspur.

Rajesh, whose ancestors migrated to India from Sehwan Sindh in 1947 after partition of subcontinent, said that Sarangi is integral part of Sindhi music and culture, which used to be played in every Sindhi song in the past, direly needs to be revived. “And for achieving this task, I would appeal all the Sindhis living around the world to celebrate 27th June every year as the Sindhi Sarangi Day.”

“On this day, Sindhis should listen to Sindhi Sarangi. They should listen to Kanwar Bhagat’s and other old songs with Sarangi played in the background. In case, they do not find such songs, they must listen to other Sindhi songs. My plea is that you are listening to Hindi and other songs whole the year, but now must dedicate at least one day to Sindhi music, from 365 days of the year,” Sindhi Sarangi player said.

Rajesh Kumar, who is a well-educated person doing Ph.D. on Sarangi, and a banker by profession, said his thesis has been approved and hopefully will be published in the month of July from Kolkata. “This is first time that a research paper on Sindhi Sarangi is being published from Kolkata, as previously no such work has been done. One can find it briefly mentioned in written material on musical instrument Sarangi. But this paper contains the history of Sindhi Sarangi, its formation, and various methods of playing it.”

Rajesh Kumar, despite being visually impaired, has a passion for Sarangi, and especially the Sindhi Sarangi, has also decided to prepare international notations of various Ragas to be played on Sindhi Sarangi so that any person who wants to learn it anywhere in the world can play it.

Rajesh Kumar introduces Sindhi Sarangi to the world

Inventor of Sindhi Sarangi in a distinguished design, Rajesh Kumar Parasramani further disclosed that he is taking another step further to introduce Electronic Sindhi Sarangi. “Since it would be costly to buy a Sindhi Sarangi, we have released its electronic version that would hardly cost 6000 Indian rupees. Since the Sindhi Sarangi is played in five different tunes, I have applied for patent so that no one can alter its original for. Hopefully I will get the patent certificate within a year. займы онлайн срочно на карту мгновенно

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